‘Traditional’ and ‘modern’ forms of capital and security: value production and circulation: Seminar 1 with John Mendelsohn

Friday, August 30th, 9-13h; Seminar Room, Department of Architecture and Spatial Planning (DASP). Directions: http://ilmi.nust.na/?q=node/35

Today, many forms of value exist in ‘traditional’ form (e.g. social, land, education, livestock, land, etc.) in a context increasingly privileging ‘modern’ ones. This furthermore takes place in a context where the urban and rural interconnections change, income-based economies overtake food-based ones, and where ‘the economy’ seems to display distinct prospects different from those ‘ideals’

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This is the first in a series of three seminars dealing with questions of livelihoods for Namibia’s urban future. The following seminar will be on “Land as capital and foundation: opportunities and limitations of empowerment of the poor” (Monday, September 16th, 14-16.30h); and the next one on “The question of ‘the informal’: engaging with the ‘formal’ economic and labour outlook in Namibia” (Friday, October 4th, 9-13h). > Venues to be announced shortly after each event.



About the ‘Livelihood needs for Namibia’s urban future’ Seminar series. Three events will combine the seminar format with interactive dynamics enabling a co-productive environment for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences. You can download the programme here.



About John Mendelsohn Born in Kenya in 1953, John Mendelsohn found wings before he found his feet. From a childhood passion for birds, ornithology soon became his career after finishing his PhD on the biology of Blackshouldered Kites at the University of Natal. He started RAISON in 1996. Today matters concerned with environmental processes, the socio-economics of rural livelihoods, land rights and uses, and river systems form the basis of his academic passions. http://www.raison.com.na/

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Friday, August 30, 2019 -
09:00 to 12:00